About Me

I’m a mom with a strong, old-fashioned belief in the important influence of a Christian home. I homeschooled both of my daughters from preschool through high school. Not everyone can homeschool, but one central hallmark of the Christian home is daily family devotions. It was something we did with our daughters, something my parents did with me, and something I experienced any time I visited either set of my grandparents–an ongoing thing they did whether or not children were present.

I know that devotions around the family dinner table are unrealistic relics from another generation for many people. However, I hope this blog will give Christian parents a tool to make the daily discipline of family devotions a reality. Every day I will provide Bible readings (all written out), reflection, and prayer that can all be read in about five minutes. They can be read in a moment when everyone is in the same room, at whatever part of the day parents are able to connect with their children. I will do my best, with God’s help, to provide sound and interesting content aimed particularly at school-aged children.

I’m a traditional Lutheran, active in my congregation. I teach adult basic education part time at a local technical college. My husband and I enjoy different kinds of folk dancing and music, urban hikes, and reading lots of books.